Purpose in Pain

Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose.

It is through our pain and struggle that often we come across why we are on this earth, the purpose for our lives. I truly believe that these past sixteen years have been preparing me for today where I can help others, be a voice to mental illness, and bring light to the dark. If I had not gone through the trials, I most likely would have no knowledge of the pain of mental illness, the empathy so deep to feel for others in struggle, the confidence in myself to be authentic and take that into the world to share. I had to lose myself and find myself over and over to discover, appreciate, accept, and truly know the true me, the me I was designed to be at birth. I do not regret any experience, any mistake, any setback, any moment of hopelessness. I have extreme gratitude for them now that I am away from them and in a place of happiness for they have lead me to this beautiful place where I am filled with purpose. I am so humbled every single minute of the day for where God brought me. Countless moments throughout the day I will break out in joyous tears as I look at all that I am becoming from the brokenness in which I once resided. Everything happens for a reason; good and bad. The anorexia, OCD, depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia all have served a great purpose in my life to lead me to my destiny. I am blessed for the tragedies. They helped me find authentic Jenna; a gift that is irreplaceable and the greatest I could ever be given in life. I thank God for it all and look forward to how my purpose will be of use from today on. It is so exciting when you realize the joy and the hope you feel is just the beginning of a lifelong beautiful experience. Open your heart to appreciate the disappointments that are being used for you every single day. Nothing goes unused for your purpose. Trust and get enthused for what the trials are going to abundantly bless you with.


Jenna LairdComment