Rain Means Rainbows

Without the pain, without the struggle, we would not have the true beauty of life. The difficult times give birth to the most glorious, breathtaking moments. The rainbows do not form on their own. The rain has to make them. Our dreams, our happiness, our love, our true authentic selves will not just magically appear. They are made by the trials we have to face and overcome. But there is such beauty in that because, for me, I find I appreciate the rainbow so much more. That rainbow gets treasured, celebrated, and never goes unnoticed or taken advantage of. It is a symbol of strength, of hope, of faith. We must believe that it will form in time as long as we keep believing in it, in the possibility of the rain ending, in ourselves that we can keep pushing through. Be thankful for the rain you have been in or may be in today. It is developing something beautiful for you.


Jenna LairdComment