Scare Away Your Fear

You have to face the hardest things in life, the things that are going to take every ounce of courage you have, in order to not go back to where you were. You have to face the scariest things. You have to put yourself right in the sight of the thing that makes you want to run. You have to tackle the thing that is holding you back from your dreams, from your purpose, from you authentic self. You have to look them in the eye and say, “You are not going to beat me anymore nor will you be in control anymore. You will not own me anymore.” Take control over your fear, and remember that you hold the power. Cry, scream, yell , punch and kick as you do it. Whatever it takes to get you to the end, do it, and keep doing it until you are there. It will not go away unless you confront it. Your fear will not go anywhere if never faced. Challenge yourself to do at least one thing a day that scares you, and own your life again.


Jenna LairdComment