Seeing The World As We Are

We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.

As I moved further into recovery, I could no longer deny the truth of this statement. I lived my life believing what I was seeing was real. How I perceived myself was fact. The way my parents acted and people behaved were what were actually happening. I deserved to be in a shadow of someone else, to be treated less than, to be ridiculed. The days were dark and the mirror was an enemy. My vision was clouded. My perception was skewed. My truth was created by lies, by words I let define me, by wrongful actions done against me. But all I was seeing was actually what I was; the brokenness, the fear, the hatred, the pain were what I perceived to be my surroundings. I projected my internal self externally and it impacted my view of the world. The way in which I behaved, how close I allowed myself to get to people, my ability to let in love were affected by who I was. If you embody hate, you are going to see that in your world. If you harbor anger, you are going to perceive it in everything you face. If you withhold pain, it will be all you see in every day. If you embody low self esteem, it is going to impact what you allow and what you see as what you deserve. All that you see and do is going to be tarnished by what you are inside. But you have the power to turn that around. Imagine what you will see and in turn what you can do if you become love, hope, beauty, strength. Imagine what you can create and achieve when you become your authentic self, so unapologetically you that nobody’s words can penetrate and deter your dreams. Imagine the beauty in a sunrise when you believe what a gift it is to be alive and the awe of a sunset when you value your worth enough to see how deserving you are to make it to another day. When I started to embody internal beauty, I began to view life in color. The world got brighter and lies were broken and faith in what will be rose up in everything I did. Life was beautiful and I was set free from chains, expectations, fears, and words. I saw life as being alive because I became it for the very first time. So I ask you, what are you seeing today?


Jenna LairdComment