Six Positive Comments

It does not take much for us to question ourselves, to doubt our worth, to hate the person we are. It can take just one negative comment to tear us down. Our hearts our fragile. Growing up, I was bullied extensively. I was a vulnerable, gentle, shy little girl already struggling with letting myself be seen so these words broke me. These words left me in tears. These words carried on in my mind through the years of the anorexia. They were fuel to keep me punishing myself. These words were the last match the anorexia needed to light up and create an inferno within me. I made these words my truth. I made these words be the thing that screamed at me with every look in the mirror, every time I sat down in front of food. I made myself to believe I wasn’t lovable, worthy, beautiful, special, and not being those things meant I deserved to deprive myself of my needs. The words left a void I tried to fill by not eating. The words created emotions in me I tried to numb out. It took a great deal of time for me to let those words go and a LOT of positive self talk. Every day once I fully committed to wanting to love myself, I stood in front of the mirror and told that girl staring at me SIX positive comments. I did this all throughout the day (sometimes while driving or in the middle of a store) whenever the self hate crept in. I encourage you to do the same. I will start it off for you. YOU are beautiful. YOU are courageous. YOU are worthy. YOU are a gift to this world. YOU are strong. YOU are a light in the dark simply for being you.


Jenna LairdComment