Stand Tall

We deserve to stand tall, to always be able to pick ourselves back up. I knew throughout my days in life, I was going to get knocked down. It happens over and over through self defeating thoughts, unexpected events, loss, suppressing emotions, denying myself my heart’s desires, isolating myself. With mental illness especially, again and again it will push me to the ground. It will convince me that I deserve it. It will make me believe I am meant to minimize myself and not be seen. I am unworthy of taking up space. I do not deserve to have worth and to utilize my potential. With the power of what feels so daunting, I would find myself becoming too tired, and more often than not I let myself stay small, knocked down, always just watching life go on above me and wishing to be a part of it all. I had spent so much time down, always wishing to stand but scared of the challenge. The change scared me. The scenery down below became familiar and comforting although it was causing me pain. It is what I knew, where I had come to mostly accept I belonged. But down there, I was further from the light, from connection to others, from the things that make me happy. I needed Jenna to rescue herself from the place of darkness. Only she can keep herself up and standing tall. It is up to her, up to me, to do the job. No more feeling powerless. No more accepting defeat. No more denying myself to see anything but the beautiful life that is currently above me that I can be a part of. It is my time to get up. You deserve to do the same. Rise up today.


Jenna LairdComment