Stop Being a Chameleon

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

So often, we change who we are to gain love. We change our interests, our attitudes, our demeanor to appease other people. We will do whatever we can to gain the approval of others and be well liked. But in changing for others, we are attracting the wrong people into our lives. We are not grabbing the attention of those who are compatible with our authentic selves, only compatible with the fake us. The relationship will not be real, will not bring out the best in us or enrich our lives like they should. It will always be on the surface for we will be afraid to drop the mask and be ourselves to truly let people in. We will allow others to be real and welcome them with no judgment of their real selves, but we will not give that person the same privilege from us. The relationship will be one sided. We need to always be our authentic selves. The right people are going to love that person. The people destined to be in your life will be attracted to who you are. Be you without the mask or the charade and allow the people aligned with that authentic heart to find their way to you. Your relationships will be deeper, richer, and bless you beyond measure.


Jenna LairdComment