Stop Ignoring Your Heart

You must listen to your heart and follow it or it will find a million ways to remind you there is something missing.

It’s amazing what we can so easily deny ourselves every day despite our greatest attempts to live the best life. How many times have you said no to love and happiness in your life? You may not even realize you are doing it. You may not even be aware to the extent you are denying yourself such beauty. Every time you ignore your intuition (the messages of your soul), put yourself down through negative self-talk, or stop yourself from doing something that will make you happy (for fear of abandonment or rejection or failure) you are actively saying no to love and happiness. Those things are frequent happenings in our daily lives. We all are guilty of doing them at one point or another. We wake up in the morning and scrutinize what we see in the mirror. You stop yourself from saying hi to someone or applying for a new job for fear they will say no. We stop acting on our instincts and start to over think everything. It is time to change that. By following your bliss, acting upon the whisper of your heart and soul, you are inviting love and beautiful happiness into your life. Follow your whims. Act on the commands of the heart. Be authentically free and watch your life transform. What you do out of instinct or through split decision is not coincidence or purposeless. It is for your soul, to be happy and free.


Jenna LairdComment