Storms Always End

If you keep at what you are working towards and do not give up even when you feel defeated, brighter days will come. You will get your rainbow after the storm. I could have accepted that my life’s fate would be struggle and pain, but I didn’t. I chose to keep pushing through with the faith that with optimism and hope, things would improve, and I would survive. Good would come from the trials. And that was exactly what happened. Do not close your mind off to something wonderful happening just because the day started out difficult. Do not write off a miracle from happening based on the past. Anything can happen at any moment unexpectedly. Keep yourself open to new beginnings occurring at any time. And when they come, make sure to not overlook them. Treasure them. Every day in recovery will have the good and the bad, and I accept both but I choose to let the good outshine and be the last thing I let enter my mind as I go to sleep. With that, I know I can begin the next day with hope.


Jenna LairdComment