Take the Risk

We reach a point in our lives where it is more painful and uncomfortable to stay trapped in a life unreflective of authentic you than if you let go and blossomed. I have personally come across this blessing this past week. Did I want to keep living in the entrapment I was in stepping further away from my authentic self by holding onto an identity that no longer applied to me? Did I want to continue to be dictated by fears and worries and the past? Did I want to live my life based on others? Or did I want to break free and take the risk of living free, stepping into a life I am unfamiliar with? Did I want to live in authenticity and take the risk of people not liking her? Did I want to embrace an identity change which would bring me into a higher purpose? Which risk would hurt me more? Which risk would benefit me more in the long run? Which risk would unite the current me with my dream me? I had to make the effort to let go and be open to stepping outside of my comfort zone. I had more to lose staying trapped than I did if I took the leap into the unknown and faltered in the process. Sitting here today, I do not regret one moment, one decision, one minute of this week of me blossoming. I feel more alive and more happiness than I have in a long time. I encourage you to do the same. Take the risk of releasing yourself from a life of fear and into one of freedom. The beginning may be painful but I promise it gets better. Blooming is beautiful.


Jenna LairdComment