The Soul is House Hunting

Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her. She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown.

I do not like being in the same place too long.

My life is a good representation of that. I have been in homes and apartments and dorms and townhomes and hotels. I have explored life in small towns and tried out life in big cities. My eyes have seen the various wonders in states and countries and continents. I have put my feet in the sand and set foot on mountains. I have had views of light and scenes of darkness.

Too much time in one place gets me ancy. My feet start to tingle with the need to run. My souls starts to call out random places to discover. My heart begins drawing up a travel itinerary. I crave the euphoria of a new experience, of an unseen land, of an unclaimed territory. I hunger for fresh smells, unfamiliar scenery, new melodies, never before felt-unbelievably beautiful-life giving-awe inspiring sensations.

It is not that I do not value the importance of having roots. They hold great value. I just believe you can be rooted in one area but grow elsewhere. You do not need to be confined to where you were first planted. There is more than your backyard to see.

I choose to live as a dandelion.

I will explain.

I grow in one place, stay alive for a little bit, and then when I have done my job I let myself go. When the season is finished I dry out. My yellow flower turns into hundreds of white seeds. And when the right wind comes I am dispersed into the world. Sent onto my next location. Propelled upon far away lands. Ready to discover a new home. My roots stay in the ground to mark I once was there but the rest of me departs. The seed holds the story of that sacred time and now it gets to fly off to tell the tale somewhere else. And then that one becomes rooted, adds another chapter, puts the period at the end, and allows itself to die so another seed can be set free.

I can say for certain right now I am losing the yellow flower. The seeds are becoming more apparent. I am not sure when the next wind will come to whisk them away but I do know this one will take me farther than I have ever been.

And my soul is excitedly anxious to find a new home.


Jenna LairdComment