Turn The Ship

The smallest turn today can take you to a dramatically different tomorrow.

Every second of the day we are confronted with decisions. We are constantly thinking and being and doing. We are preparing our futures in every moment we are breathing by what we choose.

A wise person in my life tells me your mind is like a rudder to a ship. The rudder is designed to help in turning, changing the vessel's direction when in motion. It is the primary control in steering a ship. Similarly, where you are headed in life depends on the mind. It has control over where you go; both good and bad. Where the ship is guided is dependent on the quality of your thoughts.

One new thought. One new perception. One new truth. They all have the power to turn your ship in a new direction. Wherever you go will result in a new tomorrow with calmer or rougher seas. A barren or luscious shore on which to land. A storm or a cloudless sky. Which direction it goes is all up to you. It all hinges on what thoughts you choose to be in control.

Where you find yourself tomorrow is a reflection of where the rudder turned the ship today. What your mind chooses now has the power to determine what you will wake to see in the day to come.

Stop and ask yourself where are you heading tomorrow. It is never too late in the day to turn your ship around. You hold the authority within you to do it.

Jenna LairdComment