Victory In Persistance

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. After one defeat, do not give up. It may take multiple attempts for victory to come. I had to take my driver’s test (a huge fear of mine that I delayed for 7 years) twice before passing. I went into treatment well over ten times before recovery stuck with me. I had to try and try again breaking many habits before they officially stopped. I don’t think I ever claimed victory over something after one time. Imagine if I gave up after each one? I would not be alive today. I would not be smiling. I would not be writing this. I would not have a story to share. I had to get knocked down over and over and over and over and get back up each time before I could win and put things in the past. And I am thankful for that. It has strengthened me. It has made me more appreciative of each victory. And it has taught me so much. Each defeat was my sign that I had not learned from the experience. There was still something left to be taken from it. I am a firm believer nothing goes away until it teaches you why it appeared in the first place. I wasn’t yet ready to handle what would come from each win. That could have been physically, emotionally, or mentally prepared. I still had growing and maturing and discovering to do. Eventually, I reached the peak of my transformation and was ready to stand strong. I gained the skills, muscles, and tools to win the battle before me. I am thankful to my heart, mind, and soul for never forfeiting after the enemy claiming victory the many times before I got my opportunity. Do not give up my warriors. Your time will come too. You may be absolutely exhausted but find something to give you a second wind to bring you the win.


Jenna LairdComment