Walk Your Own Path

Being a successful person is not necessarily defined by what you have achieved, but by what you have overcome.

How many moments of our life have we spent comparing ourselves to one another? How often do we sit and look at another individual wanting something they have, wishing we were in their position? As a young adult, I found that I was doing this quite frequently. I have seen so many people my age graduating, moving, getting married, having kids, etc. And not too long ago, I was seeing that feeling like I had nothing to show for my life. I kept comparing my life to theirs. I had twenty some years under my belt with no relationship or big girl job or my own place to show for it. I was living in panic and unhappiness. Everything I did, I compared to others in my life. I couldn’t do something if it would be less than what someone else was doing that would make me feel inadequate. This comparison was stealing my joy. And ultimately, this comparison left me paralyzed, unable to do anything at all out of fear I would never measure up. And you can guess where that brought me; into an even greater amount of comparison as I was left stagnant while others were flying past me in life. I had to let go of the comparison and be at peace with where I was and now am in life. I had to realize that everyone has different circumstances that brought them to where they are and who they are. Nobody is designed to walk the same path, and that is absolutely beautiful. We all have our own unique lives that are meant to be at a different pace. My calling isn’t to be a young mother or wife or to have gone to college, and that is okay. I need to answer to my own and embrace it because it will impact many lives. My success had to come from seeing all that I fought, overcame, and faced in my life. I may not have all the material possessions that everyone seems to desire but I do have an unshakeable strength, an unwavering faith, an everlasting hope, and a spirit of courage. I now love where I am and the fact that it isn’t like anyone else’s. It is my AUTHENTIC life.


Jenna LairdComment