We Are Not Robots

How often do we tell people we “are fine” when we truly aren’t? How often do we use those two words to mask the truth of our hearts? These words were once ingrained in my vocabulary. They were my response to every how are you. They gave off the impression (at least to those who do not realize the depth of those words) that I was happy and life was good. Why did I do that? Because I felt that was what was expected of me in society. I would stumble across quotes saying “to always be happy,” and I found myself getting hard on myself for not being it all the time, feeling like I had to be for that made a strong person. I felt guilty that I was not feeling what I “should” feel or that I was not meeting up to these great, perfect expectations. But to be always happy is unrealistic. We aren’t robots. We aren’t puppets. We are made to feel angry, sad, silly, frustrated, overwhelmed. That is the nature of being human and a great gift. It is OKAY to cry, to scream, to laugh, to smile. Feel it all in one day if you have to. Feel them all fully, completely, organically, authentically. Do not berate yourself for not feeling happy all the time. I find more courage and strength in those who show all their sides and emotions. It is admirable and beautiful. Show every side, every face, the great depth of your soul, and allow yourself to be free.


Jenna LairdComment