Write Your Own Life

I decided as I was overcoming trials in my life and deciding to choose life that I wanted to live a life that would make a magnificent story. I wanted it to be a page turner, an edge of your seat, can't put it down, reading all night, becoming a better person after reading it type book. I sit here today feeling like that book is in existence, and it is all because I chose to become the author. I realized I had control over what was in that book. I had say over how each chapter would be written. That power has blessed me with the opportunity to make my life a New York Times Bestseller even if only for me to benefit from and love. You can have the same. You have the ability to take the pen and write your own life. What will your book of life say about you overall in the end? Will someone want to read your book? Will your life be interesting? Will it be one to open with expectation and close with delight and growth? Will it raise spirits and renew your heart, mind, and spirit with hope and encouragement? In order to present our best book/life to the world we must try to build our character as much as possible, be our authentic selves, and we must remember that we are here to do great things, to live a life that inspires and motivates. Take the pen away from people and expectations and fears. Grab hold of it and feverishly write; write into your future, project what you want to see and be, and fill those pages with fulfilled dreams.


Jenna LairdComment