You and Your Beautiful Soul

Everyone on earth is gifted with a radiant soul that is the epitome of divine beauty. Nothing can be more stunning and beautiful. We can put ourselves down endlessly for our freckles, our nose being too big, our ears being too small, our waist not being ideal. We can berate ourselves for what is on the exterior, but we ARE NOT those bodies. Real, incomparable, awe inspiring beauty does not come from the outside. It is what is within; our souls, our hearts, our inner beings. The most physically beautiful male or female model could never compare to the beauty of the soul. But so many people cannot see this. We live in a society that draws the focus to the body and face so we grow up believing that those are the only source of beauty and admiration. We starve, destroy, push our bodies too far to achieve a beauty that can already be found in us if only we let our souls shine, if only we lived according to our heart. So I encourage you to let your natural beauty from within be the only thing you see when you look in the mirror. Embrace its uniqueness and the fact that it is all yours, can never be duplicated, is more rare and beautiful than any pearl in the sea. You are not your body. You are your soul. Care for it and love it and let it be seen.


Jenna LairdComment