You Are Awaiting to be Opened

We are often criticized or pushed aside for our differences, but it is in you with your uniqueness that nobody else has to make a difference. That is something so amazing to acknowledge, something so important and yet seemingly so overwhelming to be able to comprehend. You, beautiful and uniquely made you with “flaws”, possess the ever amazing potential to leave an imprint in the world and the lives of many. We are not to be underestimated. What one sees as a weakness could actually be the strongest thing one could ever possess. Never hide. Never run away. Never cover up your gift. It is meant to be seen. Take pride in your gift. Utilize it. You may not know at first exactly what to do with it or its purpose, but the more you allow yourself to be and embrace it and practice using it, the more clarity you will receive on what it is designed to do. I encourage you to let yourself shine right now. Who are you not to be worthy of doing so? You are beautiful and amazing and precious. Stop hiding and doubting your gifts. You can give the world the greatest present; the gift that you have been given in your unique talents and characteristics. It is meant to be shared. What fun is an unopened present? It was not given to you to be wrapped forever. The bow isn’t meant to be permanent. Open it up and give the gift away. Nothing else will ever compare. You hold such power in your individuality that cannot be measured.


Jenna LairdComment