You Are Not Going That Way

It is so easy to dwell on what was, what could have been, past mistakes, things we wish we could have done differently, choices we made that we were not happy with, relationships we wish we could have not experienced or want back. We focus on what cannot be changed. We invest our thoughts on yesterday, spend our energy on what has already been done. We keep looking back hoping that something will change, keep our eyes behind us drawing us back to the past, to the things that hurt us and kept us trapped. It is time to look forward, turn your eyes to the beautiful future that awaits. You can't change yesterday, but you do have a say in tomorrow and your tomorrow is built by your today. Invest your energy on what CAN be done, not what already has been done. In doing that, you will have no more days to look back on in regret or dissatisfaction. It will forever be moving forward.


Jenna LairdComment