You Have Come A Long Way

It is so easy to focus on where you should be, how far you still have to go, the great lengths that lie ahead. We become hard on ourselves for not being further along or moving slower than we hoped for. That shame, that anger, that disappointment only serves to keep us stuck where we are or walking backwards. That degrading ourselves with the “should” and the “supposed to” limits our minds, our bodies, and our hearts from taking another step forward. In those times of overwhelming emotions as you look at what still has to be done to reach your goal, STOP and REFLECT on how far you HAVE come. Take time to focus on all that you HAVE accomplished instead of all that is yet to be achieved. Focus on the many steps you have taken thus far to get you to where you are today. Be proud of where you stand in this moment, in what you have overcome, in the goals you have reached, in making many things possible you deemed impossible. It is okay if you are not yet at the end of your ultimate goal. It is a process and will take time. Be gracious with yourself. Celebrate what you have done to keep you empowered to continue moving ahead into happiness.


Jenna LairdComment