Your Attitude is Yours

Whether you realize it or not, everything you do impacts your attitude; your actions, your thoughts, your behaviors, what you say, who you hang around with, what you read, what you watch, what you listen to, etc. Your every action dictates your mood for the day and that mood will impact the energy and people you attract. Put out negativity and that is what you will get in return. Start your day off with positivity. You hold all the control in your attitude and how the day will be. You create your today. It may be filled with unexpected events and hard times but they are manageable with the right outlook and attitude. It is up to you how you react to the day and you can decide that the minute you awake. Nobody else or no circumstance has that power. It is all in your hands how you feel. I make it a point everyday to stay positive. I live with the theory that every day may not be good but there is surely good in every day. I find that good and focus on that instead of the negative that may be swirling around me. I can’t hide from it all but I most definitely can fight it. It doesn’t need to have a place in my life. I can avoid the things that aren’t necessary. I can stay away from the drama and the complaining. I can surround myself with good people and happiness. The more you separate yourself from the negative, the easier it will be to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. It takes the same amount of work to make ourselves miserable as it does to make ourselves strong but with different outcomes. Choose wisely.


Jenna LairdComment